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Archive for July 2011


Going Dutch: How the Netherlands created a sustainable fishing industry

Four years ago, much of the Dutch fishing industry was foundering. Fuel costs were rising, and the expense of lugging heavy beam trawls around the North Sea was bankrupting many companies and driving others to decommission their boats. Read moreRead more

Disruptive Innovations White Paper

Featured White Paper: Disruptive Innovations at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Due to the different dynamics required for organizations to serve the emerging market which contains billions of people at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP), coupled with the increasing desire for organizations to grow and be more multinational, organizations need to continually innovate. However, the tendency remains for large and established companies to ignore the BOP market and rather focus on existing markets. This gives an indication of the existence of a vulnerability that potentially disruptive innovations from the BOP will not be recognized in good time for a counter measure. Read moreRead more


Why are Disruptive Innovations Ignored?

“You mean listening to customers can be a mistake?”

This was the question I was asked after delivering a presentation on Disruptive Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid in a conference on Trends in Finland. As odd as it might sound (especially to well trained MBA folks), in the face of disruptive innovation, listening to customers might be a roadmap to extinction.

Read moreRead more