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Archive for March 2012

Bruno Fabre

Bruno Fabre joins the Dialogues Incubator

The Dialogues Incubator is happy to announce the addition of Bruno Fabre to the team as of April 2nd 2012. Fabre, author of Bankroots in 2020, brings with him a world of knowledge on how banks should innovate in order to deliver value to customers. Paul Iske, responsible for the Dialogues House and Dialogues Incubator, says: “We are happy to welcome this entrepreneurial spirit into our team, as Bruno’s ability to realize his goals is impressive. Bruno gave himself a challenge in 2010—to write a book by year’s end and by December his book was at the Centrale Boekhuis.” Read moreRead more


Dialogues Incubator geeft Workshop Social Media: spielerei of noodzaak voor organisaties?

Sommigen zullen zich misschien afvragen waarom er überhaupt nog getwijfeld wordt over de vraag of social media leuk tijdverdrijf is of dat het noodzaak is. Read moreRead more

Future Ideas

Inspiratie en ontmoetingen tijdens Future Ideas

Donderdag 15 maart vond de eerste editie van Future Ideas plaats, een evenement gericht op toekomstige ontwikkelingen, ideeën, talenten en innovaties. Een nieuw initiatief van Dutch Valley, waar wetenschap, studenten en het bedrijfsleven met elkaar worden verbonden. Er was een breed programma met nieuwe en gevestigde sprekers uit diverse bedrijven, start-ups, kennisinstellingen en incubators, die hun ideeën en inspiratie overdroegen aan een publiek van 150 bezoekers. Read moreRead more

Future Ideas

Robert van der Heijden winnaar Future Ideas Scriptieprijs

Zo’n 60 afstudeerders hebben voor de eerste editie van de ‘Future of Ideas’ scriptieprijs hun afstudeerdocument ingeleverd. Op 15 maart is, tijdens het evenement ‘Future Ideas’, Robert van der Heijden benoemd tot meest innovatieve afstudeerder van Nederland met zijn onderzoek naar ‘radical design driven innovation’. Read moreRead more


For Innovation to Thrive, it takes much more than Creating the Right Climate

Creating a climate for Innovation is as much about hiring the right people, and having the right processes in place, as it is about creating the right culture, something that is not always easy in large organizations where operational efficiencies are paramount. Indeed sometimes it is more about taking away the barriers to innovation that this culture creates than anything else. Read moreRead more

Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives

The Importance of Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives in Co-Creation

At a conference on Innovation held in Zurich at the end of February, I interviewed Elke den Ouden, senior consultant in Philips’ Innovation Services department and author of Innovation Design. Read moreRead more

Hans Cremer

How Agile is your Organization?

An interview with the CEO of CogNIAM Finance

Whether you lead a product or service based organization, how efficiently and effectively you manage your projects, and how well you leverage the knowledge that your employees possess will determine how successful your organization is.

According to Hans Cremer, CEO of CogNIAM Finance, a joint venture between the PNA Group of Heerlen and the Dialogues Incubator of ABN AMRO, on average 70% of all projects fail regardless of the industry. This happens as a result of trying to make a business plan into an iron clad blueprint instead of taking a concept, prototyping it and then learning by doing. If you implement a business plan as if it is the one truth and practically an unchanging one, then you have decreased your project’s ability to respond to changing requirements. Read moreRead more


Good News on Innovation from the Netherlands and Europe

In 2007 Professors Elke den Ouden and Rob de Graaf produced a book for the Product Development and Management Association, entitled, Good news from the Netherlands: 50 Inspiring Innovations. This book, which showed various innovations from single inventors to departments of multinationals, was so well received that within weeks it was sold out. Read moreRead more