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Archive for April 2012


“There is always space to act innovatively” -Interview with Paul Iske by Ruben Van Der Laan

Paul Iske is the Chief Dialogues Officer at the ABN AMRO Bank. It’s an intriguing position in which he is responsible for the Dialogues House and Dialogues Incubator. The ABN AMRO Bank created these spaces to support entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and behaviour within and outside the bank. Read moreRead more


Banking on the not so far fetched Future

Joris van Heukelom’s keynote speech at the Future Ideas conference at the Dialogues House last month intrigued us so much, that we interviewed him at the MakerStreet office in Amsterdam two weeks later. The ensuing dialogue challenged our idea of what Banks will be doing in the future and with whom they’ll be partnering. Read moreRead more

crime scene

The Future of Cybercrime

On Wednesday March 28, 2012, Professor Dr. Pieter Hartel from the University of Twente spoke about the future of Cybercrime at the Dialogues House. With news of online crime increasing, this topic couldn’t be more current. Take the example of DigiNotar, a Dutch commercial provider of digital authentication certificates. In June 2011, hackers were able to access the DigiNotar system, thereby making rogue Google certificates which were used to eavesdrop on Gmail correspondence in Iran (see video). Read moreRead more


Happy Birthday iPad: Two years down and already changing the game

During the Future Ideas symposium at the Dialogues House last March, keynote speaker Joris van Heukelom, Partner at MakerStreet and Chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in the Netherlands, spoke about the rapid pace of change that new technologies are driving. Read moreRead more