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Our team

Paul Iske – Chief Dialogues Officer

As Chief Dialogues Officer I am interested in helping organizations and people become smarter, more innovative and entrepreneurial.

Jaspar Roos – Chief Inspiration Officer
My main focus is innovation and inspiration. I retrieve the energy from innovation and entrepreneurship by managing Dialogues Incubator, Inspiratie Akademie and Incubator Exchange.

Annemarie Costers – Sr. Innovation Manager

I am an entrepreneur at ABN AMRO Dialogues Incubator and director of Familiekompas project.

Bruno Fabre – Sr. Innovation Manager

Is a strong visionary with a large capability to innovate. Curious about new technology, eager to make a difference and deeply motivated to make the world a better place.

Arthur van de Graaf – CEO Seeds

I am the CEO of Seeds crowd funding projects at Dialogues Incubator. I also enjoy my experience on the Advisory board of TEDxBaghdad and Project10101010.

Laurens Hamerlinck – Innovation Manager

Is stimulating intrapreneurship by facilitating corporate bootcamps. Providing a stage for creativity and new ideas and developing them into promising business opportunities.

Elizabeth Kleinveld – Sr. Innovation Manager

Involved in all phases of the innovation process, from ideation to implementation, my projects include portfolio management, leveraging talent and knowledge based working. I write about innovation(s), learning from failure and interesting things we do at Dialogues.

Ruben Koekoek – Innovation Manager

Creating and implementing new ideas and business propositions within the bank.

Dimitris Kritsilis – Creative Developer

I create the visual promotion materials of Dialogues Incubator, its ventures and selected partners, from conceptualization to delivery. The challenge is to manage a pipeline of projects that have to be distinct, unique to each other and all requiring swift execution.

Jeroen Lampe – Intrapreneur

I am an intrapreneur and entrepreneur with passion for new marketing, concepting, e-commerce and getting things done.

Karin Lems – Innovation Manager and Director iDexpress

As an innovation manager at Dialogues Incubator I strive to assemble, organize and coordinate all the elements required to realize innovation. I take a good idea and convert it into operating reality. I look for change, find the right change, and make it effective.

Tim Nokkert – Controller

Financial Controller at Dialogues Incubator Holding.

Laura Ozinga – Intrapreneur

Business development of new, innovative, concepts. Organising bootcamps on social media, internet trends for departments in order to stimulate creativity, idea generation and out of the box thinking.

Céline Pessers – Innovation Manager

Sustainability is my main field of interest, which I link to innovation and business. What if we could crowd fund green business plans for those that miss out on credit lines? Or find smart ways to finance solar cells for our clients?

Jim Rose – Senior Advisor

My involvement in the innovative Seeds project (crowdfunding platform) as a.o. legal advisor, has been challenging and inspiring to me.

Miranda Schot-Rovers – Management Assistant

Providing management assistance for the Dialogues Incubator team.

Jos Wieleman – Senior Vice President

Currently, promoter of industry best practice business process management (open BPM). Leader of Award winning team on business process excellence design.

Merijn Zaat – Business Developer

Business development of a crowdfunding pilot project called Seeds.