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How we work

In order to always keep the pace of delivering new products and services and to achieve our mission we only use innovative and efficient working methods. Our portfolio management approach is based on two key concepts – Innovation Funnel and Business ScrumSM.

Innovation Funnel is a stage-gate approach to project management which allows us to effectively monitor and manage our projects during their entire life-cycle – from idea generation to real-life launching. Reviewing projects at each gate allows us to select and keep only the most viable and competitive ones thus ensuring the most efficient resource distribution for Incubator.

Business ScrumSM is an extremely transparent and cooperative way of project management that is build around the process, scope and people in particular. It leaves unlimited space for creative ideas while focuses on timely delivery of products and services most valued by the project owners. At Incubator we implement Scrum both at the individual projects level and use it as an essential part of our project portfolio management approach.

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