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ceo ontbijt

CEO for one day concludes

CEO for one day has come to an end. Yesterday on the 13th of October 20 top students were managing top companies is the Netherlands for one day. With great success because reactions from both the participating companies as the students were overwhelming. This event did not go by unnoticed #ceoforoneday and #tedxrdam were trending topics on Twitter. If you would like to read, see and hear the experiences of the program please check the media below (in Dutch) Read moreRead more

The whole group

CEO for one day kicks off

CEO for one day is part of TEDx Rotterdam and is a research and leadership transformation program to spread ideas. On October 13th, a group of twenty excellent students will swap seats with top executives and chair the board of a high-ranking organization. Their ultimate chance to share their unique ‘ideas worth spreading’ as a real board member! Read moreRead more

Gerrit Zalm, Carel Hooghiemstra, Paul Iske

Another Dialogues Incubator Success: ABN AMRO & APG join forces in the world of pensions

APG and ABN AMRO join forces in Premium Pension Institution (PPI), and are therefore setting up the joint venture APG – ABN AMRO Pensioen Instelling N.V. This new entity is an innovation that stemmed from the ABN AMRO Dialogues Incubator.   Read moreRead more

Disruptive Innovations White Paper

Featured White Paper: Disruptive Innovations at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Due to the different dynamics required for organizations to serve the emerging market which contains billions of people at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP), coupled with the increasing desire for organizations to grow and be more multinational, organizations need to continually innovate. However, the tendency remains for large and established companies to ignore the BOP market and rather focus on existing markets. This gives an indication of the existence of a vulnerability that potentially disruptive innovations from the BOP will not be recognized in good time for a counter measure. Read moreRead more

brilliant failure

The Institute of Brilliant Failures

Of all the things that a failure can be, brilliance is barely a common attribute given. Consider the “brilliant failures” oxymoron: it raises a brow, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, not only are Brilliant Failures something real, they too are taken quite seriously in the Dialogues Incubator. We have even dedicated an institute in their name. Read moreRead more

iDexpress Symposium

iDexpress symposium ‘Valorisation in practice’

Last Wednesday the first symposium of a series on the theme ‘the practice of capitalizing on knowledge’ took place. Initiator of the event, iDexpress, had invited several speaker to share their experiences and knowledge on how to convert innovative ideas and inventions into valuable products. Read moreRead more


Iceland’s Crowdsourced Constitution: A lesson in Co-creation

Following the massive financial collapse of 2008, Iceland has bounced back into the headlines with a world first: crowdsourcing their new constitution across social media channels. As in any crash of social and organizational nature, the 2008 meltdown formed the stepping stone to rewrite the rule book and start anew. The previous Icelandic constitution was entirely based on the Danish constitution, adopted in 1944 when Iceland earned its independence from Denmark. In other words, Iceland is taking charge to write its own rules for the first time. Read moreRead more


The corporate equation is changing

Sometimes you just stop doing what you are doing and start thinking about it: does this make sense? Why am I doing this? Is it helping me or someone else to become better or happier? This mental exercise can be extremely fruitful, as it can uncover outdated assumptions or simply incorrect information, cause-consequence associations among others. Read moreRead more