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OR meets Scrum

September 1st 2011 was the day the Works Council of ABN AMRO (OR) met Scrum. A group of 50 works council members gathered at Dialogues House to participate in a Scrum Workshop organized by Dialogues Incubator and Dialogues Technology; it was literally a Full (Dialogues) House. Read moreRead more


Innov8 program: a success so far

Innov8 is a new initiative within ABN AMRO that aims at unlocking the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. Innov8 is aimed at acquiring innovative ideas and supporting them in realization. First step in this process is inspiration. Read moreRead more

Jeff on stage

All about Scrum – Jeff Sutherland in the Dialogues House

Scrum is so interesting to Dialogues because it forms a means to solve the biggest dilemma in large organizations today: how to get continuous innovation with disciplined execution. It was only a matter of time before we invited the inventor of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, in the Dialogues House in order to tap into his knowledge and expertise on this remarkable tool. Tuesday June 7th was quite a hectic day for the crew of Dialogues Incubator, Dialogues House and Dialogues Technology. Our featured guest took center stage in an engaging event about Scrum and radical management that attracted more than 400 participants. Read moreRead more

Scrum Beyond Software

Featured White Paper: Scrum beyond Software – How Dialogues Incubator Goes Agile

Scrum is a well-known approach to the management of software development projects. For a long time it had been a prerogative of the software industry, however, Jeff Sutherland’s experience of applying the scrum framework in church management and a venture capital group opened up new opportunities for employing scrum in various business contexts. Read moreRead more

Dialogues House

Coming soon! Whitepaper on How Dialogues Incubator Uses Scrum

According to our recent survey among scrum practicing teams, visibility and transparency are one of the top benefits of the scrum that you can experience from the very beginning. Scrum was first introduced in the software development industry with the objective of bringing clarity and transparency to the projects.
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