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Network for Social Innovation (NSI)

Social innovations are changes that lead to the optimal development and use of people’s competencies and result in increased organizational performance. Being part of the Maastricht University, the NSI looks at how organizations can optimize the return on social innovation, thereby enabling organizations to research social innovation challenges and to leverage existing knowledge about social innovation in order to improve their performance.

The NSI facilitates high quality scientific research around social innovation and works with organizations to leverage this research by:
• Implementing scientific research around social innovation by working with other organizations;
• Developing and stimulating contacts between organizations and researchers;
• Co-creating and developing policy regarding social innovation;
• Working together with other knowledge centers on the subject of social innovation;
• Stimulating multidisciplinary collaboration.

The areas of interest for the network include:
Education and the social context: how can structuring the educational system promote the development of talent?

Human Resources Development: How can companies enhance the employability of their employees as well as their performance via training? What type of employee/managerial behavior is the most conducive to organizational agility? What is needed to increase the participation and productivity of older people as well as employees with health issues?

Business Dynamics: How can organizations effectively improve their open innovation strategy, including working on alliances, corporate venturing, spin-offs, spin-ins etc?

Social Innovation in Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs): What are the best ways to promote knowledge sharing and on-the-job learning in SMEs in order to decrease dependency on external training while increasing employee engagement? How to stimulate the entrepreneurial orientation and creativity of employees in order to identify and develop new opportunities more quickly?

If you are interested in the activities of the Network for Social Innovation, go to: