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Our Projects

Dialogues Bootcamps is our method to facilitate innovation within your organization or department. In our own creative way, we guide you from inspiration and ideation towards feasible business concepts and finally a valid business case. See trailer
Do you want to innovate but don’t have the time? Lots of ideas but you don’t know how to do it? Contact us at

CogNIAM Finance, a joint venture between PNA Group and the Incubator Holding of ABN AMRO Bank, creates more efficiency in organizations and projects by making knowledge accessible, consistent, and understandable.

iDexpress facilitates sustainable innovation and development by actively connecting inventors, product developers and researchers with investors and entrepreneurs. Vice versa, iDexpress is a supporting partner for organizations who require creative and innovative solutions to their business challenges, by presenting these challenges to its own network of innovators and inventors.

Seeds is online crowdfunding platform that matches communities of small investors with capital-seeking startups. It aims at entrepreneurs with financial needs between 35,000 and 150,000 euro and investors investing between 50 and 5,000 euro.

Smartjobs is a truly smart job management system. It allows ABN AMRO employees to place and pick up microjobs at a max of twelve hours a week for three months. Placing jobs and finding a Smartjob is provided on a single website without any costs. The Smartjobs platform goal is to increase knowledge sharing and overall efficiency within the bank.

By adoption of a new law in 2011, a new pension vehicle is introduced. This vehicle, a PPI, will be focused on carrying out simple, low cost and completely transparent DC-pension schemes (second pillar) and servicing businesses within the national and international pension market.